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We're currently hiring students to work part-time in our bars and Conference Department.

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ULRC - BUCS Fullbore Champions!

ULRC has rounded off a great academic year with a resounding victory at BUCS Fullbore. The biggest fullbore competition of the year for University shooting clubs.

ULU at London Pride 2014

What a great time at London Pride this year and to cap it all we were lucky to meet Sir Ian Mckellen too. Perfect!

Grrrl Guide to Smashing Sexism @Work

ULU Women's Campaign is proud to launch "A Grrrl Guide to smashing Sexism at Work".

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Northern Soul Dance Class (Soul On The Square)
The Venue, Student Central, Malet Street (BYNG PLACE entrance) WC1E 7HY
Special Northern Soul dance class, taught by award winning dancer and choreographer of the film Northern Soul, Fiona Smith.
The VENUE, Student Central, Malet Street (Byng Place Entrance) London WC1E 7HY
London's friendliest and most soulful Northern Soul event, in the heart of the capital, at The VENUE, STUDENT CENTRAL.
Freshers 2014
Freshers 2014 is on its way...!
AMIGO NIGHTS FESTIVAL - Birkbeck GED Society Fundraiser
The VENUE, Student Central, Malet Street (BYNG PLACE entrance) London WC1E 7HY
A night of amazing Live music with artistes from around the world in support of the Birkbeck GED Society and to raise awareness of environmental issues.
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